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Information Contributed by Mr. Sri Nimal Padmakumara

Mr. Padmakumara & his family.

Mr. Sri Nimal Padmakumara is a popular TV & Radio presenter and Actor in Sri Lanka. He has played the roles of various characters in several tele-dramas, including a main role in the second ever released Sinhala tele-drama "Rekha".

Currently Mr. Padmakumara is involved with two weekly TV programs for Sri Lanka's Independent Television Network (ITN). He is also the third writer of the famous radio drama "Muwanpelessa" which is in its 35th year. Based on this radio drama, six Sinhala movies have been produced.

I wish to thank Mr. Padmakumara for obtaining all the data (from State Film Corporation, Sri Lanka) for the "Chronology of Sinhala Cinema" web site.

Please note that the provided movie trivia was obtained from sources other than the National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka. However, the trivia should be fairly accurate unless preceded and/or followed by a question mark (?)... which indicates a degree of uncertainty. I welcome your feedback.