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  • String Hopper mold (Instead of the traditional mold, the Indian Murukku press can be used).
  • String Hopper wattie (woven small circle trays - available in Sri Lankan grocery stores).
  • Roasted red or white Rice flour (Ready made string hopper flour (roasted rice flour) is available in almost any store carrying Sri Lankan food products)

  • In a dry bowl take two cups roasted rice flour (flour should be fine & free flowing without clumps).

  • Add 1 tsp table salt, mix well.

  • Let 4 cups of water boil vigorously. Gradually add the boiling water to rice flour until you can form a dough that does not stick to the bowl (It is important that you get the right consistency of the dough, to get the right texture of the string hoppers - light, fluffy & dry to the touch. Also without the right consistency, it will be hard to squeeze the fine strings through the mold).

  • Fill the mold with dough and squeeze the fine strings of flour on to the watties to form lacy circles.

  • Stack the watties on top of each other and steam until done.

With one cup of rice flour you can make 6-7 small string hoppers (4 inches in diameter). It is advisable to make the dough in small quantities (2-3 cups of rice flour) at a time. String hoppers are delicious with Kirri Hodi, Lunu Miris or Seeni Sambol, Malu Ambulthial or Meat curry.

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