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Sri Lanka's documented history dates back to the time when prince Vijaya of the Lion race (Sinhalese) set foot on the island in 483 BC. During the 2500 years of its well documented history, this land has been known by many names at different times. Taprobane to the Greeks... Serandib to the Arabs... Ceylon to the British... and Simundu, Salike, Sila-diva, to others. The first travelers from China called it the "land without sorrow". To the dwellers of the island, its name has forever been Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka has a pluralistic society comprising of a Sinhalese majority along with Tamil, Muslim, Burger and other minorities. Buddhism is the most widely observed religion in Sri Lanka. Hindu, Islam and Christianity are among the other religions which nourish the social fabric of Sri Lankan society.

Small in its geographical size, Sri Lanka boasts a vast array of splendors which are in abundance. There are seven world heritage sites in Sri Lanka.

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Perhaps, someday...when peace & harmony returns...Sri Lanka's Paradise will rise above sorrow, once again.