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May all beings be happy and safe, May they all have tranquil minds.

Whatsoever pulsates with the breath of life, the frail or strong,
without exception the long, the large, the medium, the short, the thin or fat;
Those visible and those invisible, those living far away or nearby;
Beings who are already born and those yet unborn;
May they all be happy.

May no one deceive another, nor despise him in any way, anywhere.
Let no one wish another ill, owing to anger or provocation.
Just as a mother would protect her son - her only son - with her life,
even so, let him cultivate this boundless love to all living beings.

Radiating with loving thoughts of kindness towards all the world,
free from anger, malice or anxiety - above, below and in all directions.
And while standing, walking, sitting or reclining, still free from drowsiness;
Let him maintain this state of mindfulness termed the "Highest Living".

And living free from mere views,
being virtuous, perfect in insight, free from worldly desire,
never again shall he be entangled in the round of re-birth.

                              - Buddhist Prayer/Meditation

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